Paul Brobson



Ed Trimble

President and Co-Founder at Kevy

Paul Brobson is a very knowledgable and capable marketing executive who has deep expertise in the digital space. Paul is especially talented in the area of digital commerce and lead generation driven by both organic web traffic (SEO) and paid advertising (SEM, Display, Sponsored Content, etc.). I was extremely impressed by Paul's commitment to his job and his overall work ethic. Paul was always a team player and I thoroughly enjoyed our time working together.

John Keane

Sr. Director - Product Management

I had the pleasure of working with Paul Brobson from the inception of iMeet. Paul was in the leadership position of developing and managing the marketing strategy for iMeet. Paul has leadership qualities that are hard to find now a days. He always puts the company first, he speaks his mind and he drives a project until completion. His knowledge of the challenges and complexities of online marketing is second to none.

Michael Buckham-White

Vice President at PGi (Premiere Global Services)

Paul is a tireless partner in helping the organization strategize and achieve critical business objectives. He readily volunteers to fill gaps within the company and always has the benefit of the business in mind. He is a star player and a valuable asset to the long-term health of our organization.

Erik Petrik

Chief Creative Officer at iMeet

Paul is one of the most resourceful technology leaders I know. Without a doubt he gets things done, knows how to generate revenue and understands what it means to collaborate. 

Allison Conrad

Brand and Marketing Consultant

Paul has deep expertise in digital strategy and execution. He's achieved great results for my clients.

Erik Gabrielson

Marketing Automation, Strategy & Analytics Expert

Paul continually works to improve all aspects of a business to provide better customer experiences and increase the bottom line. He’s able to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together -- overall marketing strategy, testing/optimization, campaign execution, marketing automation, tracking/analytics, and customer retention tactics -- to create engaging lifecycle marketing campaigns. He isn’t afraid to take risks to move the needle, and always strives to take current business practices to the next level of improvement. Anyone who has worked with Paul will tell you that he never has a shortage of ideas, and I look forward to working with him again.

Matt Jones

Web/Graphic Design Professional

I worked with Paul on many marketing projects for PGi's iMeet Brand. Paul puts a 100% into developing the most effective marketing strategy. He always backs up his strategy with data that will either proves it effective or he quickly changes the approach if the data indicates the approach is ineffective. One thing I appreciated most as a designer is that he would set the direction of a marketing campaign but allow the designer the freedom to interpret the direction and implement the best solution. The end result was always a stronger marketing campaign.

Srini Manickam

Senior Director, Development at Premiere Global Services Inc.,

Paul was great e-commerce marketing manager with hands on experience on the tools and data driven decision making. 

Helped launch and ramp up new product for us. 
Developers loved working with him & his team. 

Sean Jones

Information Architect at Razorfish

Paul was an extremely knowledgeable and engaging individual to work with at PGi, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I was always impressed with the ROI he was able to produce with the sometimes small amount of resources he was given. Paul understands the key components to web marketing and conversion success, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to refocus their web marketing strategy and increase conversions.

David Guthrie


Paul is a creative, hard worker and I recommend him as an employee. He did a good job for us with our launch if iMeet. His is passionate about his job and is easy to work with.

Beth St. Paul

Director of eCommerce & Video Services, Global Online

Paul Brobson's experience in online marketing if thorough, forward thinking an innovative. Paul worked at PGi with a new product and setup the entire online eCommerce platform, including website, SEM, SEO and online marketing campaign strategy.

His work and relationships with colleagues was professional, collaborative and insightful. Paul is a great addition to any team.

Mohammed I. Wahidi

Senior Procurement Manager

I came to know Paul a few years ago when working with him on a strategic master agency relationship for the company’s flagship product. It wasn’t long before I gained an appreciation for Paul’s classic marketing savvy coupled with his deep knowledge and experience in online and digital marketing. Paul has a knack for providing unhindered insights and actionable feedback and he quickly became my ‘go to’ resource.

In managing large seven digit advertising budgets with him, I was most impressed with his commitment to fiduciary responsibility in insuring the company gained maximum value from its agency relationships. Paul is the type of interactive marketing executive that I recommend without reservation and always look forward to working with.

Brandon Johnson

Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Paul's mindset is ever-progressive.... As a cutting-edge internet marketer, he understands the steps to generating online revenue.... 

As a testing expert, specializing in multi-
variate and A/B testing, Paul has led teams in double-digit lifts in conversion for sites.  As a team member, he shows a knack for great leadership and manifests a true spirit of "... no team mate left behind". 

would recommend Paul Brobson for the best of opportunities.

Michael Krypel

Director, Adobe Systems, Inc. at Adobe

Paul was fantastic to work with. He brought passion and experience to our online marketing projects and worked to generate tremendous lift in the conversion rates for multiple products. Paul was a great advocate for testing, and deftly managed the marketing, creative and technical pieces to drive the time line. I high recommend Paul.

Jacob Ajwani

Early Stage Tech Executive

Paul Brobson can help any website Qualify, Identify, and Convert more of their site's visitors. 

Paul can help any business attract the right kinds of visitors, keep more visitors engaged on the site, and convert more visitors into deliriously happy customers and brand ambassadors.

If you have a conversion problem, then you need a Data Scientist to uncork the bottleneck. Loop in Paul to
diagnose your site funnel. He is well versed in Omniture Site Catalyst, Test and Target, Google Analytics & Optimizer. Through iterative testing, Paul will quickly pin-point the optimal design to generate the greatest volume of sales. 

If you lack traffic, then you have an awareness problem. Paul can architect campaigns to attract new visitors through seeding your brand thoughtfully across
Google ad networks and other exchanges. 

Ultimately most brands need a diligent budget manager like Paul
Brobson to wisely allocate funds to online marketing strategies that deliver the greatest lift and ROI.